Drs. Isaac and Cynthia Paintsil

Dr. Isaac Paintsil and his wife, Dr. Cynthia, together form a powerful pastor couple at Christ's Oasis Ministries.

He holds the position of Senior Pastor of this growing ministry while she is the Resident Pastor of the Chicago campus. They are both passionate about building a foundation that generations to come can confidently build upon.

As ministers of Jesus Christ, The Paintsils have been sent with a message of God’s grace to produce not only spiritual freedom but economic emancipation as well. He is often characterized by his tireless fortitude and apostolic disposition. They have four beautiful children.

Pastor Charles Amaning

Pastor Charles Amaning is the lead pastor of the Bolingbrook Campus. He is always working tirelessly to feed his people the pure Word of God.

His drive to be the full package pastor coupled with his gift of community building among church members is what makes him one of the precious gifts God has given the Oasis Ministries. He and his wife Shirley are the proud parents of four.

Apostle Kanayo K. Odeluga

Kanayo K. Odeluga. MD.MPH is a practicing physician who currently serves as Campus Pastor at the Oasis Tabernacle of Christ Oasis Ministries. He is a well-respected community leader, activist, intellectual and philanthropist.

He and his wife, Chinyere I. Odeluga MD, a family physician and partner in ministry, reside in South Holland, Illinois with their 5 children where they volunteer and serve in various community organizations. Ever hungry to bridge the gap dividing cultures and peoples, he loves to present God’s people with their divine interconnection to their earthly and spiritual heritage from their human and spiritual forefathers.

Pastor Sadik Aboagye

Pastor Sadik Aboagye pastors the North campus of Christ's Oasis Ministries.

He and his wife, Linda, use their depth of life experience and committment to the simplicity of the gospel to show others God's unending grace both in the joys and sorrows of life. They are blessed with a miracle son, Judah.

Pastor Rhoda Dibie

Pastor Rhoda Dibie has been pastoring since her college days and is as dynamic as they come. She is the co-pastor of the South Campus (The Oasis Tabernacle) of Christ's Oasis Ministries.

She and her husband, Dr. Azuka Dibie, have seen God do amazing things (notably: their three amazing miracle children - two of whom came as twins!) and are poised to tell you that Jehovah is ready to do amazing things for you too.

Pastor Samuel Amoah

Pastor Sam Amoah is an associate pastor at the Bolingbrook campus. His fire is fueled by seeing God do the impossible time after time.

He and his wife have seen the power of God through their three miracle children, and he carries the message of God's faithfullness and power in his ministry to the people.

Pastor Obed Owusu

Pastor Obed Owusu is an associate pastor at the Chicago campus. He and his wife, Tsegho, have three beautiful children and are fully invested in the work of family building at Oasis.

Pastor Obed firmly believes in the responsibility of the church to help people make it in life - over any personal struggles or foibles the people may have.

Pastor Ebo Dadzie

Pastor Ebo Dadzie is an associate (youth and young adults) pastor at the Chicago campus. He juggles school, work and the ministry all the while making himself available to the kids on a personal level.

Their concerns are his concerns and he goes out of his way to make sure that they are not getting a watered-down gospel but the authentic picture of Jesus and His finished work for each of them.